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Times have changed and traveling across the world has given consumers exposure to various amenities offered by residential projects world over.

Spokesperson: Mr. Tushad Dubash

Today homebuyers aspire for an enriched lifestyle as the standard of living keeps on improving. For most buyers, owning a house is like a dream come true which brings them great joy, happiness and the satisfaction that they deserve. The crucial decision to buy a house in a particular area is not just influenced by the locality, but also by the features and amenities which satisfy their luxurious lifestyle or upgrades their existing living standards. Holistic living, which has become the order of the day helps millennials decide their future residential home’s features and amenities.

Times have changed and traveling across the world has given consumers exposure to various amenities offered by residential projects world over. Due to this change in lifestyle and improving standard of living, customers wish for similar experiences in their new homes. Replicating this way of luxurious living gives them a sense of achievement. This desire has led to an upsurge in the need to incorporate such amenities and has helped developers design beautiful homes and communities which not only meets or exceeds customer expectations by providing them with well-designed homes, world class amenities but has also brought customers closer to like-minded people; offering them a true luxe experience.

Increasing standard of living and pressure to cope up with the societal standards, affordable luxury housing has become a vogue in the housing industry catering to the needs of new age home buyers and people who are looking towards enhancing their way of living. This has enabled developers to provide homebuyers with amenities which are of global standards, making residential projects keeping in mind the need of all family members. Aligning with the needs of different age groups, developers are consciously working towards the planning and coming up with innovative ideas of additional features and amenities for the future residents guaranteeing a wholesome experience. Some of the most common amenities that a buyer looks for are landscaped green open areas, kids play area, car parks, club house, swimming pool, gymnasium, jogging track, power back up, fire safety, security provisions, library, yoga area, meditation centre etc. Coupled with the location, proximity to entertainment, educational, healthcare facilities and social infrastructure; these amenities have blurred the peculiarity between a luxury and affordable luxury segment.

Even though these amenities come with an additional cost, the benefits that the homebuyers get outweigh the high prices. Additional amenities like open areas, banquets, gyms, swimming pool, library in a residential project help the residents save on such expenses that they would normally incur in other buildings. Some features like large lobby not only adds volume to the space but also allows more natural light and boosts the ventilation. Higher ceilings add positivity psychologically as it makes the entire structure feel bigger and more welcoming, giving the residents a sense of being related to something important and lavish. Community spaces like meditating areas, lawn areas, gardens help the residents to indulge in the nature and are incredibly beneficial for the urban dwellers. Architects and designers planning open spaces and green areas ensure that the residents have access to ample open spaces overlooking the scenic surroundings. Developers involve international landscape designers who add an impressive touch to the open areas further enhancing the overall look of the property.

There are long term benefits of such amenities that overshadow the incremental cost of buying a home with additional amenities. Home buyers these days have a holistic living approach and don’t mind shelling out an extra penny to live the comfortable life they desire. Developers are meeting the demands of these buyers by providing them with high standards of design and quality, low environmental impact and an exceptional customer experience. These luxurious amenities are a way to encourage the resident to be a part of a healthy and comfortable lifestyle.